Arrival in Nuuk

Crowded harbour in Nuuk. Spot Arctic Tern tied up centre-left.

Nuuk Harbour. Spot Arctic Tern tied up centre-left, as gale force winds exceed 50 knots offshore.

Last night, shortly after securing our lines and having a wee dram to celebrate our arrival in Nuuk, the barometer dropped like a stone, heralding todays gale force winds and horizontal rain. After any ocean passage there is no better feeling than being tucked away in a safe harbour in conditions like these, with the heater on, pancakes in-ya-belly, and freshly showered after a week at sea in the same socks and undies!

Outside, the rig is singing in the wind, but unlike when we’re at sea in these conditions, we have a warm relaxed feeling, knowing we don’t really have to worry about it (too much) because we’re safely tied up to a great big lump of rock and ice called Greenland!

Compared to past years, this season’s 7-day passage north was exceptional for a number of reasons; we encountered lots of sea ice as we left Newfoundland, however no icebergs en route until we were within sight of the Greenland coast. Apart from a few hours of headwinds and bitterly cold conditions to start, the rest of the voyage was relatively fair-weather downwind sailing or motoring. And much to our delight, we encountered none of the porridge-like fog that we’ve come to expect in this part of the world!

Published on Sunday, June 29th, 2014, under Latest News