Tara Arctic, A New Zealander’s Epic Voyage

By Grant Redvers

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Review by Malcolm Wood:

There is something about the heroic era of polar exploration that resonates still. Names like Robert Scott, Roald Amundsen, Ernest Shackleton and Fridtjof Nansen have a magic to them, and some images too are iconic. One of them is that famous picture of Shackleton’s ship Endurance hopelessly locked in the pack ice (eventually the ice would win), a spectral vision in the polar night. So when I saw the cover of Grant Redver’s book, I gave it a double take. Here, a little less than a century later and in the other hemisphere was another boat engulfed in ice, its shrouds glittering with ice against the blackness. This was the yacht Tara, Redver’s home for 18 months: a 25milimetre-thick aluminium hull held in a metre or so of ice above 1000 metres or more of ocean. It was a boat with a New Zealand connection. Launched as Antarctica in 1989, the 36-metre yacht was renamed Seamaster by Sir Peter Blake, when it was bought by Blakespeditions, and he was on it at the time of his tragic death in the Amazon. She was then bought by Frenchman Etienne Burgois, and renamed Tara. Blake would have approved. Like Blake, Burgois wanted to use the yacht to study and publicise the changes affecting the planet.

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