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Students on Ice 2015 Arctic Expedition

Follow the upcoming Students on Ice 2015 Arctic Expedition here! We’re sailing with students from around the world, to west Greenland and the eastern Canadian Arctic on the adventure of a lifetime!

Arctic Tern film is now available to view!

Want to see what we really get up to aboard Arctic Tern? Check out the film! 88 minutes of science, sailing and loads of silly stuff to keep it interesting!! GOING NORTH from Pascale Otis on Vimeo.

Vertical Sailing, Baffin Island

Blasting past big granite walls in Sam Ford Fiord, Baffin Island, Arctic Canada. 40 knot winds funneling down the fiord + flat sea = fast & smooth ride!  

Trip South!

As the saying goes, “there are old sailors and bold sailors, but not many old, bold sailors”. And so it’s with this maritime adage in mind that we formed our strategy for the voyage south this year. For the two previous trips south, in 2012 and 2013, from South Baffin Island to South Labrador, we […]

Going home…

We had been with Oceans North for a week. We had seen wildlife, gone on hikes and visited many camps where local Inuit hunt during the short Arctic Summer. The days were becoming shorter. Fall was coming. We could feel it in the air. It was now time to head back home. Grant and Sam […]

Full load; 8 people on a 47-foot sailboat

After less than 24 hours to refuel, fill up with water, go grocery shopping and squeeze in a visit at the hospital to resupply our antibiotics, it was time to welcome onboard our next group from Ocean’s North. We hadn’t had time to do laundry or have a shower, nor really prepare to set a […]

Puking and catching birds (all in the name of science)…

After hopping our way along the Greenland coast for a few weeks, we crossed over to Bylot Island to continue our journey in the Canadian Arctic onboard the Arctic Tern. Being on a sailboat, we usually stay away from vertical walls of endless rocky cliffs where we can’t anchor or find shelter… but this is […]

Disko Bay…Disco Babies!!

Leg 1 down, Nuuk to Upernavik. Since arriving in Greenland a couple of weeks ago we’ve hopped our way north, stopping in the main settlements and occasional isolated anchorage or fishing village. Our objectives for the season have a serious side; supporting resource management research here in Greenland, and later, when we’re back in Canada, […]

Arrival in Nuuk

Last night, shortly after securing our lines and having a wee dram to celebrate our arrival in Nuuk, the barometer dropped like a stone, heralding todays gale force winds and horizontal rain. After any ocean passage there is no better feeling than being tucked away in a safe harbour in conditions like these, with the […]

Waiting for ice

Last weekend we put Arctic Tern and crew to the test, sailing the Bay of Exploits for a short shake-down cruise. After a busy month of preparation we’re set to go!! The only problem is the ice does not pay attention to our sailing schedule. Right now we’re on stand-by, waiting for a band of […]